What is happening to the women in Kerala?

What is happening to the women in Kerala?
Kerala is said to have a culture based on values and self respect…
The women in Kerala (in the good old days) always upheld certain values. But some incidents that I came across made me think “what is happening to the women in Kerala?” Men are always considered as trouble makers. So I’m not saying anything about the men and I accept all the criticisms about the group “men” and what I am saying about women are also not as a whole but I am trying to talk of the majority ……. Just look at sherin, the most recent example, who killed her father in law for money….
First let me tell u about some behaviours of women that I came across in my BUS trips to and fro mavelikara and around….
Last day I was standing in the bus stop looking for a bus…the place was crowded and after a long time, a bus came which seemed like a tortoise emitting a lot of smoke… there were many people who were to get down at that stop… I just moved to the backdoor(through where the men get in….) there was an old man trying to get down at the stop. There were only few seats vacant in the bus and the front door was really crowded. Then suddenly some two or three women rushed to the men side and made a rush and got into the bus from the men’s side… I don’t see a problem in that as it does not have any signs showing “men only”.. But the problem was that I could see some “men” taking that old person to a hospital…
It is a general view in the bus that women come with their kids( taking him/her in their arms)… as they are small children, its difficult for them to stand in a crowded bus….the seats are always occupied(sadly to say that most seats including the seats on backsides meant for MEN are also occupied by women, i’ll come to that later)…. Now the woman with the child enters the bus and most women(sitting) start to close their eyes as though sleep has come to then as a sudden thunder…. Some others suddenly look outside the window, pretending that they haven’t seen anybody in the bus… and some others who could not look away at that time sit there as though the bus is their personal family belonging…. And that woman stands there with her child…. Most of the women sitting in the bus are almost around their twenties(maybe because of makeup’s) and they seem less cared about their fellow-humans. (And it is a noteworthy fact that mostly men or Boys usually vacate their seats for them)
There is a board written in almost all the buses showing that some seats are reserved for women; and men sitting on those seats while women are standing are liable to face disciplinary actions…. But WHAT ABOUT THE SEATS OF MEN? It is many a times a hard scene when we see very old men(usually in their 60’s or 70’s)struggle to stand in the bus while nobody cares to stand up….but it is mostly seen that most seats including those meant for men are occupied by women… and that they never even care to stand up even if they see an old MAN standing….
I selected the scene of a bus because it is a place where we see everyone….and it is very hard to believe that the culture or moral values are now dying in the hearts of women…. (Not saying anything about men as it is already considered to be dead and mostly decayed)
What made me think about all this is that, I unintentionally and unexpectedly came across a video in YouTube of a malayalee girl…. Men are considered to be wild animals and it is said that men are the reason for all the sexual harassment faced by women…. But when I thought about it, I could understand that men are always the same…that is even before 50yrs the men were the same. So who have changed are the women… their clothing style, their behaviour…. On reading news about such issues, it is quite obvious that most such problem occurs in cases of love affairs and relationships like that. This clearly indicates that, even after lot of knowledge we get from our surroundings(through media and other sources)our women are not ready to change. They are not ready to understand(even if they understand, they are not ready to change) what is happening around them. If a woman starts saying no to some relationships and if they start to behave more practically, such incidents can be controlled to a limit.. it is a hard fact to digest that many teenage girls in Kerala are now going behind porn and sexual activities(and what makes it more worse is that they are not doing that for money, but for fun, pity)..
Mother,sister,and wife-all these relationships were considered as the most valuable and the best relationships in the world… hard to say that, those relationships are loosing their value one day after other….
Mothers killing their children, sister fighting in families for money and wife cheating/killing husbands for their lover etc are not un common these days… earlier all this was the other way around…
Now u all will be thinking… “Why is that men are allowed to do all nonsense and that why woman are criticized? “ it’s because these were not what women in Kerala were… and this is not the way it should be….
women claim equality and when they claim it,they forget their moral values.i dont mean to make a drastic change through my post but i just tried to make you think in a new direction…..
For all the young men reading this- if women can’t understand from the 1000 experiences around them, then let us change…. Let us change the way it is to the way it should be…
For all the women reading this- sorry for the hard words, but this is the way it is…. This is not about you… but this is how it is around u…. join hands and make a difference…

Let’s discuss…. Open criticisms and comments are always welcomed…

( This article is not complete, any additions, recommendations are welcomed-add those to comments, ill read and will make necessary changes)

7 comments on “What is happening to the women in Kerala?

  1. Nayana says:

    it sould not be”LET US MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”
    Just my opinion according to my views it should be “BE THE DIFFERENCE”.


  2. Juby says:

    “and what makes it more worse is that they are not doing that for money, but for fun, pity.”
    it is pitiful when it is the other way round dear. Just imagine u doing it for money.


  3. gomathy says:

    the times are changing and we are changing in them.the men and women today forget that after all we all are humans.human means one who has a humane approach.to be more precise….one who knows how to form a harmonious relationship with everything around him .and what is harmony?simple to say but very hard to practise.today people hardly communicate freely.selfishness has become everyone’s companion.so its not a problem concerning women of kerala alone..nor is it confined to women alone.men too have changed a lot.unfortunately the change in men is not so much advertised or portrayed as that of women.and most important of all…why do we think that only women should be upholders of morality culture and humanity?two hands must join to produce a clap.likewise men and women should become more aware of themselves and the society they live in.they should stop being skeptical of each other..and be outspoken.they should cooperate..accept and speak up their differences.on the whole men and women should stitch up their differences in order to make a difference.


    • well the fact is correct…but i think the change is more visible in women rather than men… if the women continued to be the way they were…well earth must hav been a much better place…. women need equality.. and when they claim for it,they forgets values….


  4. Sree says:

    For all the women reading this- sorry for the hard words, but this is the way it is…. This is not about you… but this is how it is around u…. join hands and make a difference…

    Hope it did work


  5. jef says:

    yes..its al true..the real face of women in the modern world is more dark…they remember me of lady macbeth…


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