Today evening, i sat there on that old veranda, looking at the trees and the rain! Not sure whats with rain and home. A deadly combination of love story! I am normally a spoil brat, who comes home for a weekend from Bangalore, spent most of the day watching TV, enjoying mom’s delicacies and sulking the calmness of home. Today was different, today i felt different when i got home. I spent more time working with mom helping her with a catering order we had. Mom is an excellent cook and me, well, an excellent critic which obviously she doesn’t like. We packaged the food together, helped her with small small stuff and spent my day walking around the house.

The house is an old Malaysian architecture influenced house, with a large portico, many rooms, with a wood paneled tile roof. I still remember when i was young. This house was close to destruction. This was once my dad’s brother’s soft-drinks factory. Later, became a storage house for wood and other stuff. The old house once lost its charm, became close to destruction. Today after all the small stuff to be completed, i went and sat in one of the old chairs on one corner of the portico. How this whole place has changed. Now with the red-oxide paint on the floors, to the old wooden furniture, to the small teddy bear stuffed animals that sat on the teapo, this place has become a cute cozy place. I sat there feeling so attached to this place.

My friend keeps calling me a cathartic writer. The first time i heard it, i didn’t even know the meaning of it. Now but when i sat there, all i wanted was to write. Maybe i am. I didn’t know what to write, but that feeling inside me when i sat there on the corner was pushing me to open my laptop and write. I tried to decipher the feeling inside me to words. It could be what people call nostalgia, or maybe its the feeling of missing home for long. Well, trying to decipher that is one of the most difficult thing i can think of now.

I have always been an ambitious person. I travel a lot. Always tried to be a maker, a doer. I’ve been best known for my ability to make things happen out of nothing! I feel everything dearly, i dream openly! My thoughts about future has always been about making a difference. Leaving a legacy. When i sat there today, i maybe could redefine what i wanted. I can totally see me walking around the house and cleaning it up. I can see myself sitting in this house, being lost in the weather. I can see myself being that old Achayan spending my days in the calmness of my home and family!

Not sure what i wanted to write today. I felt that urge to write but not knowing what!

I am at peace. I am relaxed. I am in a way happy!

I am Home!